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Let us help you achieve your goals and become a faster rider with Savvy Bike Coaching.

Customized Annual Training Plan based on your goals and your time.

What is Power Based Training

Power based training is the best way to understand your strengths and weaknesses, measure performance, track improvements and avoid injury.

You will need at a minimum a power meter on your bike and ideally a smart trainer (for indoor workouts), although a regular (non electronically controlled) trainer would do as well with a power meter. Of course a bike computer (we love Wahoo)

Workouts are prescribed on TrainingPeaks

Power Based Training✔️✔️
Annual Training Plan (ATP)✔️✔️
Annual Training Plan Monthly Review ✔️
Premium TrainingPeaks account included ✔️
Workout schedule and review cyclemonthlyweekly
Unlimited email support✔️✔️
TXT Messaging support ✔️
Phone consultationquarterlymonthly
Fundamental bike fit and assessment ($175 value)50% off


Life happens…

We often make our best plans and then the unexpected happens…

A big week at work, business travel, family obligations, or even getting sick, and all of a sudden we’ve fallen off the wagon. How to get back on track?

Most athletes either get demotivated – “Oh, I’ve lost so much fitness…” – and give up. Or try to make up for the missed training time and end up overdoing it, getting over-trained or worst injured.

This is where having a coach really makes a difference, use the right tools the assess the impact, adjust the plan and correct the course as it happens.

How does this work?

Select your plan based on the desired amount of communication and analysis desired.

The initial interview (over the phone or in person) will help us get to know each other better, and understand your past history, future goals, schedule and preferences. An optional bike fit will also ensure that your bike is not holding you back.

Once we’l identify the season goals and key events. we’ll lay out an annual plan and a strategy to get there.

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