Bike Monkey Fish Rock 2019

Some rides have you coming back for more, usually the hardest ones.I still don't know if it's a sense of revenge, need for punishment or simply redemption.Those are also the rides that have their own character and yet every time provide you with a different experience.Fish Rock is a "Gravelly Road Race in Mendocino County", … Continue reading Bike Monkey Fish Rock 2019

2018 Old Growth Classic report

The times when you'd show up to an event, race what you brought, pack and leave seem to be gone forever, as we see more all day or even multi day event that include food, music and socializing around the main event.I had the pleasure to participate to the Mendo Hopper a few weeks prior, … Continue reading 2018 Old Growth Classic report

Evolutionary Racing: beyond the reptilian brain

Our passion for Sports (and I’m not referring to the type consumed from the couch, in our living room) and Competition is exquisitely primal. Direct competition, adrenaline rush, tension and relief before and after a race, all emulate the environment our brains evolved into, over several million years. From a Darwinian perspective, sports may be … Continue reading Evolutionary Racing: beyond the reptilian brain

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Race Report – Solo SS

March 7th 2013 - I've been trying to get into this race for the past 2 years but missed either because of schedule, logistics or simply missing registration, which fills up in the matter of hours, at least for solo categories. This year was no difference and missed to register timely, while race filled up in … Continue reading 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Race Report – Solo SS

Coolest 24 – May 3rd-4

The Coolest 24 hour is one of the few ultra events in the country that is 100% non-profit that gives all of its profit to a great cause. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors and to some of the most giving racers in the country. This shows that the Auburn, Cool and the greater … Continue reading Coolest 24 – May 3rd-4

Sea Otter Classic 2008 – 25th/78

This is the big race: you spend almost an entire season preparing for it and when the time comes you are not ready. This year the beginner class race was on Friday afternoon: I didn't plan too well for traffic and stuff so I arrived at Laguna Seca few minutes after 3PM, a little too … Continue reading Sea Otter Classic 2008 – 25th/78