CCCX #1 Race Report – First DNF…

… but a pretty good reason for it (still sucks though… )
I was feeling pretty good this morning, did my warm up (almost a full lap), fast course, good traction, great weather, what else could you ask for?

Got back to the car, 10 mins to the start, and as they call “all racers to the start line” I notice a hairline crack in the rear shock linkage :eekster: … 15 secs panic (yeah, that was panic) and then I go, ok, f*** that s*** (can’t report the exact swearing in Italian…) I’m gonna race anyway.
Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but I was too pumped to give up at that point.
Made a mental note to ride conservatively (yeah, right) then off we go.
Had a pretty decent start and everything was fine up to the first half of the first lap when the link gave up coming out of a turn.

Well, after that the highlight of the day was good food and Coronas

Frame is already stripped of all components and ready for the shop.
Had to skip CCCX#2 so next one is, well #3 on March 1st.

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