CCCX #3 Race Report – 7th place

Feels good to finish races, no matter what the result is.

Arrived to Marina around 8.30 so had very little time to warm up, but felt pretty good at the start: in fact I found myself ahead of everyone else in the first stretch of road, which felt pretty weird, as I was thinking “where is everyone?” – bad idea…
By the time we got onto the single-track I was already 2nd (or 3rd, can’t remember), but I had my 30 sec of glory.

First lap went ok, but I got passed by a few more riders and by the second lap I slipped in 7th position, closely following a small group of 3 riders: I kept up with their pace but had no chance to pass any of them again.

In the first half of the 3rd lap they increased the gap to maybe 100 yards and at that point I decided to go and get them. It’s funny because I really believed I could do it.

And in fact I did, I closed the gap again, but then I started cramping, pretty badly, so I decided that finishing the race was more important.

Yep, that’s me cramping at the finish line…:D

I got about 1 min from that little group and 7’16” from the first place: possibly my best result ever.
As I said it feels good to finish a race and even more if you know that you gave 100% .
After that was all downhill, kick back, relax and enjoy the weather and and the sport race.

Results are posted on the CCCX web site.

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