CCCX #7 June 1st – Ft. Ord

Interesting race for me - Beg. 35-44 on my FrankenBike with 1x9 and 36T chainring and bashguard, assembled 2 days ago.Still waiting on my new frame, so I rode a hardtail for the first time in many many years (my last full rigid was a Bianchi Volwerine circa 1993).HT takes its toll on the body … Continue reading CCCX #7 June 1st – Ft. Ord

CCCX #6 – Toro Park 8th/10

Definitely not the best race of the season. Since I sold my old FSR-XC I don't have an official racer, so I went with my 36# Nomad. Possibly not the best tool for Toro park, a gnarly fireroad climb followed by a fast singletrack downhill, with a total of 800ft elevation per lap.To be hones … Continue reading CCCX #6 – Toro Park 8th/10

CCCX #5 April 6th Toro Park

This was my first race at Toro Park. This is a very different course from the regular CCCX course at Ft. Ord, with one long steady climb on road and fire road and one long and fast singletrack downhill back to the start for a total of about 800ft elevation change and 4.7 miles per … Continue reading CCCX #5 April 6th Toro Park

CCCX #4 March 30th Ft. Ord

Pretty large field this time around in the beginner class. We started with about 24 people in our group.This time my start wasn't as fast as the previous and I entered the singletrack already in 6th or 7th place.There was a little bit of traffic jam on the first short climb but I was able … Continue reading CCCX #4 March 30th Ft. Ord

CCCX #3 Race Report – 7th place

Feels good to finish races, no matter what the result is.Arrived to Marina around 8.30 so had very little time to warm up, but felt pretty good at the start: in fact I found myself ahead of everyone else in the first stretch of road, which felt pretty weird, as I was thinking "where is … Continue reading CCCX #3 Race Report – 7th place

CCCX #1 Race Report – First DNF…

... but a pretty good reason for it (still sucks though... )I was feeling pretty good this morning, did my warm up (almost a full lap), fast course, good traction, great weather, what else could you ask for?Got back to the car, 10 mins to the start, and as they call "all racers to the … Continue reading CCCX #1 Race Report – First DNF…