Lake Sonoma Series 2008 #1 – 4th

Another great MTB event put together by Bike Monkey Team. The course is really fun to ride with lots of stream crossing and sweet singletrack. I had to get off the bike 4 or 5 times per lap and get my feet wet a couple times. After the initial ramp on the short stretch of paved road there’s a nice singletrack section, mainly DH followed by a short climb and then rocky/rooty singletrack going down to a bunch of creek crossing: most of these I cannot even think about riding, but I saw few folks who did.
The second half of the lap is going back up on singletrack and fireroad. Total is 4.5miles.

Didn’t start too well and had to catch up with the head of our group.

We arrived at Lake Sonoma around 9.10 so there was no time to pre-ride the course.
After registration I did a couple of shorter loops to test the course. There were still few big puddles to ride thru.

First lap went smooth in about 0:36 minutes and then on the second lap I slowed down while I get lapped by several pro/expert riders. I really shouldn’t have as I ended 4th (out of 5) at 1 minute from 3rd and 2 minutes from 2nd place.

The course was real fun and the BBQ that followed was even better. Big props to Carlos and his team for putting this together and looking forward to next venue.

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