CCCX #4 March 30th Ft. Ord

Pretty large field this time around in the beginner class. We started with about 24 people in our group.
This time my start wasn’t as fast as the previous and I entered the singletrack already in 6th or 7th place.
There was a little bit of traffic jam on the first short climb but I was able to avoid to get slowed down by taking a line on loose dirt.
For most of the race I hung a small group and we kept passing each other. It always fun when you are struggling to pass someone trying not to get passed at the same time.
There was a brand new section of trail and the dirt was pretty loose and “fluffy” there and quit a few people crashed or had minor spills there.. The course was also different in the fact that crossed on the other side of the road, with a very fast single track. Conditions were perfect with great traction and it even rained during the second lap, but with no effect on the trail conditions (Ft. Ord is great for that).

I felt pretty good for most of the race and felt strong in the 2nd and 3rd lap and always feel I could use a longer warmup.

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