CCCX #9 – June 29th 2008

Last race of the CCCX series for me.

That was a fun and fast course: I had to keep Kris and Matt at bay to hold my 4th position overall. I had a pretty good start and half of the first lap I passed Matt and Mike on one of the grunts. After that I tried to put as much distance as possible between us, with very little success… but I kept my 5th place all the way to the end and even tried to attack the 4th place (Team Roaring Mouse) – who gave me 5 secs at the finish.

Had a finish line sprint neck to neck with Mike: I chased the guy for the whole season and yesterday it was the first time I was able to finish ahead of him
I’d really hoped somebody caught that photo finish, but I haven’t seen any pic yet.

Kris finished only 10 secs behind us, so 3rd, 4th and 5th place all within few seconds: he had a race all uphill to get on the podium from his 6th position overall and he did a great job

It’s my first medal (at least with a decent field size) and I’m pretty happy about it
I’m enjoying this as next season I’ll be moving up to Sport and it will take years before I’ll ever get this close to the podium. Anyway, Carpe Diem!

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