Lake Sonoma Series 2008 #1 – 4th

Another great MTB event put together by Bike Monkey Team. The course is really fun to ride with lots of stream crossing and sweet singletrack. I had to get off the bike 4 or 5 times per lap and get my feet wet a couple times. After the initial ramp on the short stretch of … Continue reading Lake Sonoma Series 2008 #1 – 4th

CCCX #3 Race Report – 7th place

Feels good to finish races, no matter what the result is.Arrived to Marina around 8.30 so had very little time to warm up, but felt pretty good at the start: in fact I found myself ahead of everyone else in the first stretch of road, which felt pretty weird, as I was thinking "where is … Continue reading CCCX #3 Race Report – 7th place

CCCX #1 Race Report – First DNF…

... but a pretty good reason for it (still sucks though... )I was feeling pretty good this morning, did my warm up (almost a full lap), fast course, good traction, great weather, what else could you ask for?Got back to the car, 10 mins to the start, and as they call "all racers to the … Continue reading CCCX #1 Race Report – First DNF…

My favorite crash site

So I'm flying down my favorite section of singletrack in the whole Santa Monica mountains on my mountain bike, I'm flowing, feeling good. I zip thru the bushes and trees, following the dark narrow path. And here I approach a deep elbow turn, sort of a dip but with a twist, deep breath and then, … Continue reading My favorite crash site